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Daily Needs
Mind Needs
 Learn Quotes (5718)
 Imagine Quotes (2163)
Plan Quotes (1824)
 Focus Quotes (2319)
Persist Quotes (5714)
 Evolve Quotes (1635)
Progress Quotes (299)
 General Quotes (454)
Body Needs
 Health Quotes (610)
 Exercise Quotes (428)
 Grooming Quotes (165)
 General Quotes (926)
Money Needs
 Income Quotes (277)
 Tax Quotes (589)
 Save Quotes (204)
 Invest Quotes (5038)
 Spend Quotes (359)
 General Quotes (1286)
Work Needs
 Customers Quotes (182)
 Service Quotes (1186)
 Leadership Quotes (3747)
 Team Quotes (562)
 Make Quotes (318)
 Sell Quotes (1716)
 General Quotes (1163)
Property Needs
 Clothing Quotes (159)
 Home Quotes (161)
 Garden/Nature Quotes (1013)
 Conservation Quotes (290)
 General Quotes (429)
Food Needs
 Food Quotes (211)
 Drink Quotes (232)
 General Quotes (578)
Friends Needs
 Friends Quotes (822)
 Partners Quotes (644)
 Children Quotes (1795)
 Love Quotes (818)
 Conversation Quotes (4866)
 General Quotes (9580)
Fun Needs
 Gratitude Quotes (1914)
 Satisfaction Quotes (1167)
 Anticipation Quotes (1485)
 Experiences Quotes (844)
 Music Quotes (284)
 Books Quotes (1381)
 TV/movies Quotes (187)
 Art Quotes (741)
 General Quotes (2910)

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& Fitness Training

Everyone deserves
to be
Healthy and Safe!
Ideal for Anyone's Personal Protection Needs
Simple, Fast, Effective!
Maximum Safety - Minimum Force
No Punches, Kicks, Chokes, Pressure Points or Weapons Used
Based on Shaolin Chin-Na Seize and Control Methods
Comprehensively Covers Over 130 Types of Attack
Lavishly Illustrated With Over 1300 illustrations
Accredited Training for Australian Security Qualifications
National Quality Council Approved