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[Quote No.34295] Need Area: Money > Invest
"Short-term credit risk and liquidity risk measures: --LIBOR. LIBOR stands for London Interbank Offered Rate, and it is the interest rate at which banks can borrow short-term funds without posting collateral in the interbank market. LIBOR can be viewed as a signal of banks’ confidence in lending to peers, and thus their confidence in the financial sector overall. Market participants compare the level of LIBOR to the level of other lending rates such as the 3-month Treasury rate (the risk-free rate) in order to better isolate short-term credit risk and liquidity risk premiums. We call your attention to two such measures: -1. The TED spread. The TED spread is a measure of the market’s assessment of short term bank credit and liquidity risk. It is the difference between the rate at which large, money-center banks borrow and the rate at which the U.S. Treasury borrows; it is calculated by subtracting the 3-month U.S. Treasury Bill rate (the risk-free rate) from 3-month LIBOR. The spread can also be affected by sentiment: a 'flight to quality' in a risk-averse environment typically benefits U.S. Treasuries and reduces their rates while simultaneously raising LIBOR rates, thereby widening the TED spread. -2. The 3-month LIBOR-Overnight Index Swap (OIS) spread. OIS is an interest rate swap that entitles one party to pay a floating interest rate (and receive fixed) and another party to pay a fixed interest rate (and receive floating). The reference interest rate of the swap is the overnight lending rate for unsecured bank borrowings; in the U.S. market the rate is the overnight Fed Funds rate. The fixed interest payment is based on the expected average of overnight lending rates for the next 3 months; the floating interest payment is based on the actual overnight lending rates for the 3 months. No principal is exchanged in this swap, only the net difference in the interest at the end of the contract. The OIS rate, which is often cited, refers to the fixed rate of this swap. Market participants look at the difference between 3-month LIBOR and the 3-month OIS rate as a measure of short-term liquidity risk, which is also a reflection of credit risk. This spread is the premium that a borrower must pay to lock in a loan for the next 3-months versus having to roll its debt on a daily basis. This spread is a reflection of short-term credit risk since the default risk of a borrower increases with time (i.e., default risk is greater over 3 months than overnight)." - Goldman Sachs -
Quote from their Investment Strategy Group.
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[Quote No.33493] Need Area: Work > Customers
"Our clients' interests always come first. ('Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow')." - Goldman Sachs
Motto of famed investment bank.
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